Small Shrubs

5 Types Of Small Shrubs

Recently, small shrubs and bushes have become more popular among gardeners. These plants are considered dwarf shrubs because they will not grow over three feet in height. This is exceptional for beginning gardeners or for people who only have a limited space to work with. Small shrubs can be used as a bordering plant, a privacy screen for in front of windows or for a focal point in your yard. There are many varieties to choose from and they come in different colors. A few are known for their foliage but some even produce fruits and beautiful, fragrant blooms.

If you were thinking about purchasing small shrubs for your garden area, you should choose one that goes with the plants already in your yard. Just make sure they are compatible with your particular climate. Here are a few of the most commonly used small shrubs and bushes.

The holly fern or the Japanese netvein fern is an evergreen shrub known for its dark green leaves. It can grow up to 18 inches in height and it is a perennial plant. It does well in winter and can withstand temperatures that go below freezing. It does not produce blooms but the leaves are extremely glossy.  This plant is native to America and grows the best in the shade. It is a great addition to any garden area but it also makes a wonderful hanging house plant.

The dwarf bamboo is an interesting little plant that only reaches around a foot and a half when fully grown. It is used mainly as ground cover but it also makes a great potted plant. It has longer light green to yellow leaves and this depends on the variety of the dwarf bamboo. It does well in warmer climates and the temperature should not go below 35 degrees for a long period of time. It is an evergreen plant and it does not produce any fruit or blooms but it is a perfect choice for a bonsai tree.

The lantana camara is a perennial flowering plant. These plants have bigger dark green leaves that are oval shaped and they also have a point on the tip of each leaf. They are heavily veined and have a glossy appearance. This plant does produce blooms are they are quite unusual looking flower clusters. They have tinier flowers that resemble lilacs and they are assembled in circles. The blooms are multicolored and they also change colors as they mature. The colors include red, yellow, blue, white and orange. The lantana can reach up to 3 feet in height and it produces small berry like fruit. These fruit are edible but if they are eaten when they are not ripe they can be poisonous.

The dwarf pomegranate is a fruit producing miniature shrub type tree. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and it has glossy semi evergreen foliage. Before it produces fruit, it has gorgeous coral red blooms. These funnel shaped, tiny flowers attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden area. Unfortunately, you have to live in a warmer climate to enjoy this plant because it can die in temperatures that go under 40 degrees. But you can keep the plant in a pot and use it as a house plant. The fruit this plant produces is edible and delicious. You can also bonsai train the dwarf pomegranate.

There are many different varieties of the Kurume azaleas and it is an evergreen perennial plant. It grows 2 to 3 feet in height and it has blooms that almost completely cover the plant. This creates a blanket of color in the garden area. This plant is used for enhance a landscape or as a privacy screen. The colors of the blooms include, pink, red and white.