Fragrant Shrubs

Fragrant Shrubs for Northern Climates

While the joy of a garden has much to do with sight, fragrant shrubs can add another level of enjoyment. In addition to looking at the beauty that your hard work has accomplished, wouldn’t it be just as nice to be able to enjoy a variety of fragrances throughout the year as well? Happily, there are fragrant shrubs that are appropriate for every season in most locations.

Of course, those in a colder climate will have a bit more trouble finding fragrant shrubs for the winter months, but northern gardeners need not count themselves out completely. Below are some ideas just for you.

Clove Currant

There is a botanical garden in Ghana, West Africa in which every single plant gives off a delightful, spicy fragrance. The clove current is reminiscent of that garden as the scent is strong and unmistakable. This particular shrub is not only fragrant, but it also produces yellow blooms that are a delight to look at.

The clove currant is a fragrant shrub that is quite easy to grow. It is hardy and, while some pruning may be required to keep a pleasant shape, it requires little care.

Vernal Witchhazel

If you live in the right location (zone 4) then you must add this fragrant shrub to your landscaping. It gives off a strong and unique fragrance that makes it a favorite among all who are lucky enough to live where this shrub grows. As with the clove currant, not much care is required and the shrub will usually survive winter quite nicely. In the fall, the leaves turn gold providing a visual interest along with the unforgettable scent.

Rose Daphne

If you don’t mind putting in a bit of work and suffering the loss of a few plants for reasons that are tough to pin down, then this is a great fragrant shrub for you. While you might be wondering what could make a plant worth so much trouble, the answer will come as soon as you have a chance to smell one these highly fragrant plants.

They are so fragrant, in fact, that you might want to consider limiting the number that you plant lest the scent take over the entire garden!

The good news for northerners is that snow, while a detriment to many plants, is quite useful to the rose daphne in keeping it safe throughout the winter.

In addition to their strong fragrance, this plant also produces lovely pink blooms.

Rosy Lights Azalea

As most gardeners know, not all Azaleas are fragrant. The Rosy Lights Azalea, is not only fragrant, but is also perfect for use in northern climates. These plants are a little picky about growing conditions, but if you take the time to learn about their needs you will be rewarded not only with their fragrance, but with their bright pink flowers as well.

While those in warmer climates do have some advantages over northerners when it comes to choosing fragrant shrubs, that doesn’t mean that those in colder climates cannot have lovely scented gardens as well.

Just choose carefully based on your climate and your garden will soon become a source of joy to all of your senses.