Fast Growing Shrubs

All That You Ever Wanted to Know About Fast Growing Shrubs

Fast growing shrubs are the ideal solution for those who want to get some increased privacy in their yard without feeling walled in by a giant fence or wall. Shrubs as hedges are natural screens that reduce your feeling of being out in public while being in your own backyard. They are a great way to continue the green elements of your garden without losing out on privacy. Fast growing shrubs go better with the sense of a landscaped space than bricks and mortar. Sometimes, even those who have a wall or a fence try and grow shrubs close to it to reduce the impact of the garden being cut off abruptly. The wonderful thing about fast growing shrubs is that you do not have to wait for years to get the effect you want, it can happen in a much shorter time frame.

Your choice of a fast growing shrub will depend on a couple of factors. How much coverage or density in screening do you need? Are you willing to wait a while for it or do you need it urgently? How much work are you willing to put in to support the screen that you choose?

You may not need a dense layout of shrubs to protect yourself from a distant street or from passing vehicles. But if you are trying to create a sense of defined space from an immediate neighbor, you may choose an evergreen with more foliage such as laurel, juniper of holly. This will ensure year round privacy. If you are comfortable with a natural screen that is not in full effect in the winter months you can also choose a deciduous tree or shrub. Some annual vines may also serve this purpose well.

Those who seek immediate impact will do well to place several container plants close together while working on a more long-term plan with in-ground shrubs. Sometimes you need to dig stakes and plants to start your shrub hedge if you choose something like a morning glory and this may not appeal to all homeowners.

It is probably a good idea to combine a few species of fast growing shrubs when planning your fence to make sure that at least some of them adapt well to the location and provide the coverage you seek. This will also make your hedge less susceptible to plant diseases because even if one species is affected, it should hopefully still leave you with some coverage.

There are endless options when it comes time to choose your fast growing shrubs. You should be thorough in researching the look you want and in finding out the species that do well in your region or area. This will make your final visit to the nursery smoother and you can get the benefit of the counsel of the experts with a better understanding of their recommendations.

Among the several popular choices are varied kinds of bamboo, hibiscus, barberry, different types of vines, the Leyland cypress, hollies and the Akebia. This list does not even begin to scratch the surface in terms of the choices available to homeowners or landscapers.

Your choice will be determined by how tall you need your fence to be as there are some fast growing shrubs that grow significantly higher than others. The taller ones will need to be actively pruned to make sure that they do not make the landscape look over-grown or out of control. If you are planning a natural fence at the time of the foundation planning, plan with enough space around your shrubs to ensure that they do not significantly cut off light inside the house once they reach their full maturity.

Fast growing shrubs are a great way to create a mature look to a lot or a community in a short time. Sometimes home owners in new construction areas struggle with the blank canvas of their back yards and these offer a great way for filling out the space with greenery. And if you pick a fragrant and flowering fast growing shrub, you can have the pleasures of a well-established garden in a very short amount of time.